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Agri-King is a ruminant nutrition company that provides personalised feed solutions direct to Irish farmers.

With over 40 years experience with Dairy and Beef nutrition, we offer tailor made solutions for all stock from dry cows, transition/prefresh cows, milking cows, suckler cows and growing/finishing beef.

Our state of the art laboratory enables us to analyse all silages/grass and water for our clients effectively and in a timely fashion. The results of this analysis is then used to customise the feeds and supplements required for your stock.

Agri-king can help farmers improve animal health, fertility and longevity. Agri-King strives to help livestock producers get the most out of each pound of feed and each head of livestock.

For more information please call Leslie on 087 828 8542

Agri-King Products:

Product Details

A-K Dairy Fortifier Premium: supplies the daily requirements of vitamins and trace minerals. It is designed to aid in herd and rumen health, immune function, body maintenance and milk pro...

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